The Site Creation Wizard builds upon the site creation page available in WordPress multi-site when it is configured to allow users to create new sites.

Users are presented a list of site templates to chose from. Each template gives the user preconfigured content, theme, set of plugins and set of options. This helps users get started without having to know how to configure their sites.

Furthermore, users are given a set of features they can turn on. Each feature is essentially a set of related plugins that are preconfigured.

Users can get the site creation form by click on the ‘Create New Site‘ link under the Dashboard Menu. (this is added by the plugin.)


Templates are controlled by sites within your Multi-site environment. A template site should be configured exactly as you want new sites to be. When a new site is created, all content, options, turned on plugins and plugin options are copied from the template site to the new site.


Features are also controlled by sites within your Multi-site environment. Feature sites should only have the plugins and options set that are related to the feature you wish to activate. When a new site is created, the plugins turned on in the feature site will be activated in the new site. Only those options which are not part of the template will be copied over.

Use Policy

It is possible to configure the site with Use Policy. The Use Policy is text at the end of the form that defines any policies users are expected to adhere to. It is possible to define a checkbox that needs to be clicked before the form can be submitted.

User Registration Form

The user registration form has been modified so that it no longer allows users to create a new blog as well as register. Once they have confirmed registration, they will be able to create a new site using the ‘Create New Site’ link in the Dashboard. This may be a bit less convenient but there was no good way to make the wizards features carry through the confirmation process.


More Privacy Options

The Site Creation Wizard checks to see if More Privacy Options is installed. If so, the form will display those privacy options instead of the standard ones.

Buddy Press

The Site Creation Wizard was originally built with BuddyPress in mind. It works just fine with BuddyPress’s site creation page as well.