Asphalia is an exploration of security technology. When confronted with possibility of being wounded, physically or mentally, one can choose one of two actions. The first is to build defenses as strong as possible and wall oneself in. The second is to lash out of the danger in an attempt to destroy it. Asphalia explores the technology associated with the first path and takes it to the extreme, in hopes of confronting its audience with the danger of this instinct.

The Asphalia Project is an interdisciplinary performance artwork. It is a look at how new and upcoming technologies can be used to protect the user from all forms of harm, physical and psychological, but at the price of alienation and withdrawal from society.

This project grew around the design of an Urban Environment Survival Suit (U.E.S.S.) called the Valor Armor. In order to present this idea, performers pretend to be employs of Asphalia, Inc., the fictitious company which is developing the Valor Armor. So far, performances have included a design engineer showing off Temprastatic Gel, a guy from marketing soliciting investments, and a company public relations party. Asphalia, Inc. web site can be found at